Harry Potter and the Order of the Furby

Did you ever own a Furby?

Well in the story we’ve got for you today, Harry Potter sure did! Having a Furby was all the rage! And although the timelines are way off in terms of when Harry Potter was young and when Furbys came out, the author openly has zero fucks to give and puts them during the same period. And thank God she did!

The story Jackie and Mark read is called “Furby Play” by a really excellent fanfic writer who goes by the name of Ayesha Altugle. Hey, that sounds familiar!

The premise of the story is that “Furby just wants to play.” But if you’re also familiar with the horror movie CHUCKY, you know it doesn’t exactly wanna play. This is merely a silly parody, so if you’re expecting blood and guts, we’ll just tell you it’s not happening. But what DOES happen is pretty ridiculous. Also, Jackie plays a mean Harry Potter. Not, like, an evil one, but like, a good one. Man, that word ‘mean’ is messed up, right?

Please don’t make Furby mad. Just download this episode and listen!


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