Harry Potter Fanfiction Featuring LOTS of DUCKS!!

What do you do when danger is coming at you? DUCK!

And that’s what this week’s Harry Potter episode does, we guess. Fanfiction Nation gets shucky ducky quack quack with a silly fanfiction called “Quacks in the Night.” It’s written by an author named PJ Nussbaum who goes by the name Enthusiastic Sloth on the world wide web!

The premise of the episode? “Sirius Black and his duck animagus wife Marlene have raised Harry since early childhood. When Harry writes home about detention with Dolores Umbridge, Marlene gets angry.”

As you can imagine, Mark and Jackie reference the Mighty Ducks a lot, as well as Howard the Duck. You just can’t have enough duck-based Harry Potter fanfiction. We can’t remember which philosopher said that, but you know one of them fucking said it.

The story is quacktastic so bring your flock and give it a listen! We’ve got a lot more Harry Potter to come too!


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