That NSFW Harry Potter Fanfiction That Some Guy Thought Was Real

AKA Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent

Remember Harry Potter? He’s back! In NSFW form!

There was a report a couple weeks ago that a man accidentally read a huge NSFW Harry Potter book series, thinking it was the real one. Was he confused? You bet! Did Kyle and Mark think he was stupid enough to make fun of and feature on an episode of Fanfiction Nation? UH-HUH!

So they wanted to go to the article and find a link to the story in question. Here’s the problem: NOBODY reported the story itself! All they did was showcase all the dumbass tweets between the two people. And for the record, we’re talking about pretty reputable news sites like Buzzfeed News and Huffington Post. This wasn’t, like, Trump’s Breitbart News or whatever. So anyway, short story long, Kyle and Mark are geniuses and dug deep into Google and found what the idiot read (For the record, we’re totally cool calling the confused reader an idiot because we’re 99.9% sure this was all a prank and he knew full well what he was reading)!

The story is “Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent.” Naturally, since these aren’t long episodes, this is a very, VERY small portion of the story. We wish that wasn’t the case. So if you like it, let us know you want them to read MORE. And they will. Because they had a fucking blast diving into this ridiculous Harry Potter fanfic. This episode only gives the tiniest of samples: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger doing the nasty. You know, the horizontal boogie. SEX. They have sex. And yeah, Harry Potter is a children’s novel and some grown man thought this the real thing. LOL, derp derp. Thanks for the laughs, dummy. This episode’s for you.

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