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I Pissed Myself: The Music Video

-Mark Cotoia ft. Kyle Andrews

It’s FanFiction Nation’s First Music Video!

Hopefully this will be the first installment in a new series… shall we dare hope for a “Music Video Monday”? I mean, that’s probably too much to hope for on a weekly basis. But man, this was too much fun.

Some context: A few episodes ago, we had our super scary, mega spooky Halloween Episode, and in it, Mark confessed that when he gets scared, he pees in his pants (he straight up says “I pissed myself from the fear of it”). Naturally, Kyle couldn’t let this opportunity pass by without really ripping into Mark, so he remixed this song. We got such great feedback about it during the episode, we’ve decided to release it as a single for your easy listening pleasure.

So there it is, our very first single. Naturally, a music video needs some sort of visual to go along with it, so Kyle went out into the streets of Toronto and created this mural of a pissy pantsed Mark.

I pissed myself.

(Disclosure: The Mural is not on a real wall in Toronto, it was done on Kyle’s computer. Kyle cannot afford spray paint. BUT, and I’m not condoning any illegal activities or whatever, but if someone is commissioned to do a mural and wants to use this as a template, go right ahead. Just make sure you send us a picture of it out in the real world.)

Anyway, if have ever thought to yourself “Oh no, I pissed myself” and felt alone, fear not. You aren’t the only one. Mark Cotoia does it all the time too. We hope this song helps you through your trying times.

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