Sir Isaac Newton: The True King Of All Virgins

You all demanded Sir Isaac Newton fanfiction, and now you’ve got it!!

Yes, that’s right, Nation. Due to your raging enthusiasm for fanfics about Isaac Newton, we delivered. Amidst ALL the requests for Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Supernatural, more anime, and whatever else, there was this insatiable hunger for fanfiction starring the man who discovered the laws of gravity. Welp, here you go. You clearly asked for it and we most obviously don’t need to provide evidence that you demanded it.

So this is a parody story from a very funny writer named Mechatron. It’s called “the Adventures of Young Isaac Newton.” The premise is a doozy: “This parody entails the life of an adolescent Isaac Newton, and explores why he might have died a virgin. Read along for some hilarious re-imaginings of his discovery of Periodic Motion and other popular scientific concepts.”

Listen to this episode and let us know what you think!


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