Jessica Jones: A Marvel College Textravaganza

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones

We’re celebrating Jessica Jones and its return to Netflix!

Jessica Jones is back on Netflix and we are exxxxciiiiited. So much so, in fact, that we’ve dedicated a whole episode to her this week.

Kyle and Mark share a fanfic from guest author theshippingprince (same name on AO3 as well) called “The First Step to Falling In Love (is Asking: Who the Fuck is This?)” We know, we like the title too.

The premise? Jessica Jones is a college freshman trying to escape her past. Elsewhere, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) is trying to make a name for himself. It’s a stories of how their lives intersect, all told through emails, text messages and memos. It’s a really fun concept, and Kyle and Mark enjoyed it thoroughly!

So download this episode and let us know what you think or we’re gonna blow your phone up with texts!

Also… Speaking of The Shipping Prince, we also loved the name because it reminded us of our brand spankin’ new video series called Ships Ahoy! where we look at fanfic couples we’re shipping each week. Check ’em on www.FanfictionNation.com!

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