Fanfiction Nation is Going to Judge You!

Are you ready to get judged??

Do you know how much Judge Judy is worth as a TV star? About a gazillion dollars. All those courtroom TV shows are a goldmine for audiences and we at Fanfiction Nation had kind of forgotten about that. Well not anymore!

The show opens with Kyle uncovering a real smoking gun! It’s a fanfic from a user by the name of judgeman666. Judgeman666 wrote a NSFW fanfic about three judges having sex. Now, ordinarily we would LINK you to it said account since it’s legit and obviously NOT made up by us, but we can’t because it’s just, um, so NSFW. But trust us, alright, because it’s real, because why would we make this stuff up, you know?

So, anyway, here’s where it gets interesting: Judgeman666 (again, TOTALLY real account, you’ll have to take our word for it, even though we can’t link it to you) wrote this smutty fic but asked somebody to write an intro to explain HOW exactly these judges wound up having a dirty threesome. So Kyle –being the hero that he is– wrote it… so you don’t have to! It stars Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Joe Mathis.

Then, Mark shares a fanfiction he wrote about a certain current president as if he was the Judge for a court TV show after his presidency. It’s about as realistic as it you can imagine, given the shitty times we’re in right now.

We don’t want you to be guilty of a misdemeanour by not downloading this episode so go ahead and do it!

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