Justice League: Dick Grayson’s Chatroulette Mishap

Plus: Joker, Superman, and Batman have a freaky night

This week, Justice LEAKS, AMIRITE?

In light of the release of Justice League, Fanfiction Nation is giving you some silly fics. Kyle and Mark are showcasing fanfiction from guest author Fudgyokra, who is both ridiculously sharp and funny with her fanfiction writing. Double threat. Probably a triple threat but we didn’t investigate a third one.

First up, the Fanfic boys read her short story about Dick Grayson’s dicktastic experiment with Chatroulette. It’s a silly piece with an even sillier payoff. Then, Kyle and Mark read “Three’s Company, Too,” featuring Joker, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent getting fresh in a room all by themselves. Hot, sweaty testosterone written by an author who admits she was drunk when she wrote it. What could go wrong??

Maybe at some point we’ll finally read some Aquaman fics. But not this week. Sorry, bro!

That’s not a bat signal in the air… It’s OUR logo saying DOWNLOAD this damn episode and let us know what you think!

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