La La Lando Calrissian: A Star Wars Musical

Exclusive Scoop! And not of the ice cream variety!

La La Lando Calrissian is the droid movie you’re looking for.

Every once and a while, FanFiction Nation gets an exclusive scoop about upcoming projects. Well, boy howdy do we have an amazing one for you today. A brand new Lando Calrissian solo film has just been announced and will be joining the Star Wars Cinematic Universe in the near future.

Dancing with the Star Wars: Starring Lando Calrissian
La La Lando Calrissian: The Musical you didn’t realize you needed.

Last October, Lucasfilm announced that Donald Glover would be playing the young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie. The announcement was met with great excitement.

The higher ups knew they made a great choice in casting Glover in the role but they pbviously weren’t quite prepared for such over whelming positive feedback. This became evident once it came out that they were scrambling to find a good story for a spin of Lando movie.

The project got shelved for a little while, when they couldn’t find a writer for the project. Then, the Oscars happened and La La Land cleaned up.

“It just seemed so obvious,” said Wilt Chamberlain (our contact at Lucasfilm, not the deceased basketball star). “La La Land was so huge, why not take that idea and run with it? The story for La La Lando Calrissian came together in an evening.”

Lucasfilm isn’t releasing any story information yet, but Chamberlain assures us that it is a musical.

A Lando Calrissian Musical.

God damn, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Ok, I’m obviously just fucking with you.

But like, come on man. How is this not in the works? A Star Wars musical is exactly what the fan base is yearning for.

…it’s what I’m yearning for.

Actually, I didn’t know I wanted it until I made this poster as a quick goof, but I’m guessing  neither did you.


Alternatively, can we have a “Dancing with the Star Wars” show?