It’s a Horrific Day in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… or IS IT?!

Another day, another episode where we ruin your childhood. On this edition of Fanfiction Nation, Mark and Jackie explore the life of everyone’s most beloved childhood TV star Mister Rogers. And wouldn’t you know it…maybe things weren’t as hunky dory as we thought?

To start off the episode, Mark and Jackie gush about Canadian equivalent Mr. Dressup, who was on CBC Television for 30 years and you better believe he was fucking awesome. Anyway, look him up too. He had a Tickle Trunk and Jackie told Mark not to get into that, but he did because it was his favorite. Sue him.

Now, the first story is from fanfiction author Infinipede, who wrote a strange and dark story called “Who Is Fred Rogers.” The chilling premise: “Deconstruction of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. After the death of its creator, the Land of Make-Believe grieves and takes misguided revenge.” Wow. This one is great.

Then, Mark and Jackie close the episode with a hilariously morbid humdinger from karebear94. It’s a story called A Beautiful Day, and you’ll really have to hear it to believe it — It’s Mister Rogers and Bill Nye the Science Guy as SERIAL KILLERS.

We’ve really gone and done it this time. You’ll have to listen and let us know what you think. That’s what a good neighbor would do, don’t you think?


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