My Little Pony: A Star Wars Crossover Is Magic

Animal porn and Jedi ponies are our jam (?)

Fanfiction is Magic!

As you can only imagine, Kyle and Mark have been literally DROWNING in My Little Pony requests. You can believe that, right?

This week, they finally read an MLP fic but BEFORE they do, they open with a fanfic submitted by a talented writer named MotleyMoose (on AO3), someone who better write more for us to read (or else???). The title is “Rocket Rides Again” and features Rocket Raccoon and Gorilla Grodd. It’s funny and, as the author puts it, it’s smutty smut SMUT. Check it out.

Then, Kyle and Mark read the first chapter of an MLP fic from iamgoku. It’s a Star Wars crossover (!!) and the title is –wait for it– My Little Kenobi! It’s a promising start to what is sure to be an exciting crossover. As far as WE’RE concerned, you’re getting the exclusive here first! Then check out his future chapters coming soon.

Check out this episode and let us know what you think! We love our fans and we appreciate your submissions and work!

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