We Celebrate the Winter Olympics with Tonya Harding Fanfiction

It’s the Olympics, man!

Could you detect our Cool Runnings accent? No?? Yeah, OK, that’s fair. The Winter Olympics are happening right now so we at Fanfiction Nation wanted to celebrate by writing fanfiction. Since that’s what we do. It would be sort of weird if we did anything else, you know?

So here’s the funny part: Mark and Kyle revealed what fics they wrote and turns out they BOTH wrote their own stories starring Tonya Harding. Not that that’s completely out of left field, but still funny all the same. They’re very different stories, to be sure. Kyle’s features Action Figure Skating with a whole bunch of cameos included, both from the Tonya Harding world and completely ridiculous characters too. And Mark’s is, well, it’s just Batman ’66 featuring Tonya Harding. So there’s that.

It’s a fun episode! Download it — or we’ll break your kneecaps!! 😀 :)~

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