Pixar: Sulley Eats Boo, And More Family-Friendly Fun!

You’ll never want to hear “Crush it” again…

This week, Pixar gets a liiiiiiiittle dark…

When Fanfiction Nation decided to tackle Pixar’s Cars, we knew it wasn’t enough. There was too much meat on that bone to discard it.

SO, without any further ado, here’s our Pixar podcast! First up, Kyle shares his fanfiction called “CRUSH IT” starring Crush the sea turtle from Finding Nemo franchise. It’s… whoo boy, it’s something else! Then, Kyle and Mark read a fanfic by guest author gregterry480, who wrote a story called “Sulley Eats Boo.” The author explains the premise: “Boo is now an adult, and very much in love with Sulley. She waits for him in her room, hoping they can spend a magical night together. But what ends up happening is beyond anything she ever could’ve imagined.” As you listen to the story, you learn it’s a serious fanfiction mindfuck.

What, are you just gonna sit there? Download this episode! You’re welcome.

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