Planet of the Apes featuring Draco and Curious George

Curiosity killed the ape, y’know

More like Planet of the Japes, am I right?

On this week’s apetacular edition of Fanfiction Nation, Kyle and Mark read Planet of the Apes fanfics. But first, they share a quick, silly fic based on the A-Team called ‘Social Media’ from author Lucillia (we’ve read her scripts before here and here). It asks the question “what is social media was around when the A-Team bad guys were up to no good?” It’s a philosophical question you’ve always wanted answer, so listen in and find out.

Next, we read guest author lazsmith‘s “The Cake Incident” featuring Caesar, Will, and a LOT of cake. Then, Kyle shares his Planet of the Apes fic featuring Caesar, Draco Malfoy and a curious little monkey… It’s Curious George. The Man in the Yellow Hat shows up too and Kyle and Mark have a fit about that.

Grab your bananas, set your curiosity to ‘Stun’ and let’s download this bad boy, shall we? Now take your stinkin’ pods off me, you damn dirty ape!

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