Sherlock Holmes AND Sherlock Holmes IN: Too Many Sherlocks!

This episode answers the age old question: Is ONE Sherlock enough?

FIRST of all, the answer is pretty obviously “HELL No, I can’t get enough Sherlock.” That was easy, right?

So anyway, this week Fanfiction Nation presents an episode where Jackie and Mark read a Sherlock-centric fanfic from a writer named Fizz the Great called “It’s All Your Fault.” The premise? There’s a slight Doctor Who crossover as the Doctor makes a bit of a goof! Two Sherlocks from two different time periods meet in the same dimension! Does all hell break loose? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Also, Mark is exposed for his slightly large Cumberbatch man-crush. This is where we would post that emoji of the guy shrugging. Oh well, we can’t.

ELEMENTARY, our dear listeners. Time to listen to the podcast!


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