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Ships Ahoy! Cereal Mascots Edition

Part of a complete breakfast

Do Cereal Mascots contain any nutritional value?

Probably not, but if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then this episode of ‘Ships Ahoy!’ is the most important video of the week. Remember when you thought Cereal Mascots were cool? Like, they were right up there with your favourite cartoon characters. Shouts of “I call Tony the Tiger!” and “I wanna be Pop this time! You can be Crackle!” could be heard in schoolyards the world over. I once saw a guy with a tattoo of the Sun from Raisin Bran.

Ok, well maybe they weren’t quite that popular. But they were still a pretty big deal. (The Raisin Bran tattoo was real though. And it was surprisingly really well done. If cell phone cameras had been invented at that point in time, I totally would have taken a picture of it).

Cereals may have taken the prizes out of their boxes, but if you pretend we’re a cereal box, you can also pretend that this video is your prize.

So, what do you think? Who would you ship? And no, you can’t pick the Dunkaroos Kangaroo. I don’t care how much milk you think is in the frosting, Dunkaroos aren’t cereal.

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