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Ships Ahoy! Power Rangers Edition

Zords are ships right?

Mighty Shipping Power Rangers

Zords! Zords are like Power Ranger Ships! And this week we’re shipping Power Rangers! Wow! So many different meaning to the word ship! I think it’s pretty safe to say that every single person on the planet that has watched Power Rangers has shipped one of the rangers with the other. Granted, I know that in my head, I would ship whichever characters lined up with whoever I got to be at recess and whoever the girl I liked got to play at recess. So one week, if I called Red Ranger, and she called Yellow Ranger, then that was the only relationship in the show that mattered. But if the next time I got stuck with the shitty Blue Ranger and she got the Yellow Ranger again, well then you better believe that Blue and Yellow were getting shipped and the Red Ranger could fuck right off.

However, this week, we’re trying to make our picks a little more definitive. Both Mark and Kyle go a little off the board with this one, but it all seems to make sense in the end.

Let the shipping commence

Now that you’ve heard our opinions on the matter, it’s your turn. Who would you ship and why? Let us know and maybe we’ll feature your opinions on a future episode or blog post.

Final Things

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