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Ships Ahoy! Rugrats Edition

Ships are made: No Rugrats

But say “rugrats” so that it sounds like “regrets”. Look, I know that’s a bit of a stretch to make for a pretty mediocre “joke”, but chill out. You don’t have to be so cranky about it. Maybe it’s time for your name. Is that it? Is it nappy time? Do you need your diapers changed? How old are you? Why are you still wearing diapers? Unless you’re old enough to be wearing diapers again. That’s weird right? That eventually, if you get old enough, after years and years of desperately trying to not poop inside your pants, you’re just like “man, forget getting up and going to the bathroom. I’m just gonna drop a deuce right here.”

Anyway, that whole rant ties into this week’s episode where we’re shipping Rugrats characters. They wear diapers. One of them wears only diapers. No pants, just diapers. Which is a sign of poor parenting seeing as how THEY LIVE IN THE ARCTIC! Just kidding. I have no idea where they live, but it looks mostly warm. Although, I’m not convinced that Stu and Didi Pickles are great parents. 1) They leave the dog in charge most of the time. 2)They named their second son Dylan. That’s Dylan Pickles. You know. like Dil Pickles. Yeah, that name won’t haunt him growing up.

However, Rugrats is an awesome show. It’s basically the baby version of ‘Friends’, and since everyone in friends ends up dating each other, it only makes sense that we spend some time shipping the Rugrats as well.

Your Turn

Who would you ship? Do you now feel bad that you didn’t choose Reptar? Because I feel bad that I didn’t choose Reptar. Reptar deserve love too. You can me rectify this situation be shipping Reptar with… I don’t know… Spike? Cynthia? It’s up to you!

Let us know your dream couple.


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