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Ships Ahoy!: The Simpsons Edition

We’re “launching” a new video series

Dream Shipping The Simpsons

Oh wow! Oh boy! Oh jeez! Can you tell how excited we are? We’re so stoked to launch our new video series “Ships Ahoy!” this week. And to be launching it with and episode featuring The Simpsons family? That is big stuff. They’re one of the biggest names in Show Business and now that we’re formally associated with them*, we’re probably one of the biggest names in Internet Business.

I don’t know how internet business works. However, what I do know is how our new video series works. We explain it in the video, so I won’t bore you with a long winded written explanation right now, but I do my best to sum it up in 3 words.

Make dream relationship.

Maybe I need more than 3 words. What it boils down to is this: Every week we’re going to take an existing franchise and Mark and I will discuss what our dream ship would be (that’s dream relationship, not dream boat. Although sometimes when you really like someone, you call them a dream boat… you know what? I’ll have to look into this more. Maybe it is about boats.)

Anyway, here’s the first video in the series.

Now it’s your turn!

What do you FanFictionatics think? Do you agree with our shipping choices? Is there a dream ship (dream boat?) you would rather see? Do you like being called FanFictionatics? I sure would like you all to have a cool name, kinda like Beliebers (but like, cooler than Beliebers. I just couldn’t think of another fan base moniker off the top of my head and as we all know, there’s no way for me to stop typing to think about this for a moment so that’s what you get).

You can let us know your choices anywhere on the internet, but preferably on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter or even Instagram.

Ah dammit. I should have said “Swifties”. Taylor Swift is way cooler that dusty Justy Biebs.

*FanFiction Nation is definitely not formally associated with The Simpsons

Final Things

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