Severus Snape REALLY Needs To Leave Some Potions Alone

Could Snape ever leave well enough alone?

Yeah, probably not.

Seems like it’s time for yet another Harry Potter edition of Fanfiction Nation! This week Mark and Jackie featured a repeat fanfic author named Lucillia with her story “It Takes a Village.” The caption continues: “To make a baby. OR: Or, Why Snape Shouldn’t Leave Certain Potions Unattended in Public Places.” You get the idea.

One of the big early takeaways of the episode is that there NEEDS to be a con called the Annual Potioneers and Alchemists’ Convention. Another unfortunate takeaway is Jackie randomly decides to take on the role of the cowgirl for, like, the entire episode. Check it out to see if Jackie dies at the night.

Prick some blood, drop it in the phial and listen to this podcast!


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