Stranger Things: Hawkins is Invaded by Pokemon!

And Eleven eats some pancakes…

Stranger Things are happening in Hawkins…

We’re one week away from Halloween and it would not be Halloween without an episode about Stranger Things!

This week, Kyle and Mark read a short, fluff fanfic where Eleven eats pancakes for the first time, from Jim Hopper. The story is by theamiableanachronism who writes a lot of family-friendly Stranger Things fics.

Then finally, in the main event, Kyle and Mark read a fanfic from guest author jaylene who wrote a crossover between Stranger Things and Pokemon! Yep, Pokemon are coming from the Upside Down and the kids don’t know what to make of it. Find out who shows up to bewilder Eleven and the gang.

Not especially relevant, but in the episode Kyle and Mark also talk about OJ Simpson. So, as a sidebar, if you happen to know OJ Simpson personally, can you just tell him we would like to have him on the podcast? We don’t think he has a Twitter or anything, but it would help if you could email him or something. We’d really appreciate it! Typically we’d say murderers aren’t welcome on our show, but oh well.In this case, we just want to talk to him about speeding tickets and get his review on Broncos.

What, are you stuck in the Upside Down or something? Grab some Eggos and download this episode!

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