Titanic: Still Generating Humor 106 Years Later

“Where to, Miss?” “To the stars”

The Titanic finally gets its comeuppance in THIS very episode.

We all watched James Cameron’s 1997 classic blockbuster Titanic. Jack and Rose. A million quotes from the movie. “I’m flying, Jack!” “Don’t let go, Jack!” “You burnt the pancakes, Jack!” Unforgettable moments in movie history.

Well, this week, Kyle and Mark share a slew of fics from a true Titanic fanatic.

We have a lot of fun with all the episodes we record, but for whatever reason, this one really gave us the giggles. Kyle and Mark read four fanfics about Rose and Jack. We don’t want to spoil the premises so you should just listen to the damn episode. It’s ridiculous.

Just download the episode before we sink YOUR ship… forget it. That was going to come across as a threat but then sounded like some perverse double entendre. So… just give the episode a listen and let us know what you think. And if you have MORE nonsense Titanic fics, please send them our way because after this episode, we’re almost SURE to read ’em.

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