The Walking Dead Revised: Who Does Negan REALLY Kill?

The answer may not surprise you

Finally, the Walking Dead is back!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without zombies and it wouldn’t be zombies without AMC’s The Walking Dead.

This week, Mark shares his brand new Walking Dead fanfic with Kyle. Mark was fascinated with Negan’s choice of using Eenie Meenie Miney Mo as a way for him to decide who to kill with his trusted bat Lucille. Mark decided to dig a little deeper into Negan’s indecisiveness and see what else he could uncover in this revised version of the season 6 finale, and Issue 100 from the comics. So who DOES Negan kill? Listen and find out. The payoff is worth it.

You also get to learn a little about Kyle’s bedsheets in this episode. What’s on those adult bedsheets? The answer MAY surprise you (but probably won’t).

Lucille is getting hungry so why don’t you make her happy and download this episode?

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