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WWE: Brothers of Destruction plus 1 – Fuck Marry Kill

Undertaker, Kane, Mankind

The Original Family Feud

I could be wrong about this, but I think the game show “Family Feud” took it’s name from the relationship between Kane and Undertaker. It’s been a long journey filled with partnership, betrayal and everything in between for the Brothers of Destruction. And sometimes, Mankind was directly involved! That means it’s time for another WWE edition of Fuck Marry Kill.

We should probably stop having so many family themed episodes. But also, it;s gonna get weird anyway, so maybe who even cares? Right?

Here are your picks for this week’s edition of FMK:

Limp Bizkit‘s ticket to fame: The Undertaker
Anger Management Graduate Class of 2013: Kane
Sock Enthusiast: Mankind

And there you have it. Who are you gonna pick? Maybe you want the undying love of the Undertaker. Or how about the fiery passion of the Devil’s Favourite Demon Kane? Or maybe you’re just a freak and really like Mankind.

Final Things

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