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WWE: The McMahon Family – Fuck Marry Kill

Vince, Stephanie, Shane

We’ll just pretend The McMahon Family aren’t real people for a minute.

This week we’re taking on the McMahon Family. I know that sounds like it’s going to be an incestuous gang bang, but trust me. It is not. This is wholesome family fun (except for the killing and fucking I guess). Also, I guess we should point out that it is also about the characters they portray on television and not about their real selves.

Ok good, that’s all cleared up. You’ve probably noticed that we love wrestling. That means we have some very strong opinions about this one. Even before we were assigned the task of making our picks for this week’s episode, we’d already been thinking about this since the 90’s anyway.

So here we go, this week’s picks are:

The King of Cool (shoes): Shane McMahon
Ministry of Silly Walks Reject: Vince McMahon
At least she’s less annoying than Vickie Guerrero was: Stephanie McMahon

Well, that’s what we think. Who will you choose? Are you going to propose to the man you know will follow you anywhere because he loves going Coast to Coast? Or maybe you’re more attracted to crazy old men, so you want to hook up with Stephanie to get closer to Triple H (see what I did there? You though the ‘crazy old man’ was Vince. But it wasn’t). Or maybe you prefer people with no control over their extremities.

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