Fan Art Thursday: X-men Edition

Don’t even pretend you don’t like puns (This article is by Kyle)

X-Men art, but really it’s just puns.

Ok, I know Fan Art Friday is the more alliteratively appealing name, and it would be the most reasonable thing to do, name-wise. But here’s the thing, When have we ever done anything the normal way here? Also, we already have Fuck Marry Kill Fridays, and we don’t want to spoil you with so much alliterative content. So instead, Fan Art gets pushed to Thursdays, and this week it’s all about the X-men.

If you’ve paid any attention to the fics I write, then you’d know that I love crossovers. What you might not know though, is that I also love puns and the X-Men. I also really like drawing. So what better way to express my love of these things than by doing a crossover series of artwork between the X-Men and puns?

X-Men Hambit
“You in trouble cherie? Don’t worry, Hambit is here to save your bacon.” -Hambit of the X-Pen

Gambit is by far my favourite of the X-Men. Always has been, always will be. I carry an Ace of Spades playing card in my wallet because… I don’t really know. I woke up one morning in University after a night out (that’s the classy way of saying “I was wasted”) and found the card in my wallet and my first thought was “I guess I was pretending to be Gambit last night.” And the card has stayed there ever since. It’s also handy because if some tough biker gang ever tries to beat me up for being a wuss or whatever, I can pull out the card and be like “No Way Man! I Like Motörhead!” and then they’ll leave me alone. And it’s not even a lie! Motörhead is pretty damn cool.

Anyway, I did this drawing because I like Gambit and I like Ham. One review of this drawing has been “Aww… that’s sad.” And when I asked why, they said “Because you have to kill him to get the Ham out.”
And yeah, that is sad. I still like the drawing though.

X-Men Hagneto
” Wait, magnets are magic? I thought they were miracles. That song is so deep, it’s confusing.” -every insane clown posse fan.

I honestly don’t really know how I feel about Magneto as a character. I guess he’s alright. I think he has a cool power (it’s like it’s magic! Think of all the cool coin tricks he could do!), however I also find him kind of dull. But I mean, he also gets to be with Rogue so that makes him wicked cool again. Maybe the reason I don’t know how to feel about Magneto is that I didn’t realize I was jealous of him. Huh. We just learned something about me together.
Man… Rogue is so cool.

X-Men Psyclops
“I can also play both piano parts at the same time. More like Heart and Sole. … I miss Jean Grey.” -Psyclops

Cyclops sucks. That’s about all there is to say about him. On the other hand, Gangnam Style is catchy as all get out and still really cool (no, you’re still living in 2012…. Holy fuck that song is 5 years old?)
Anyway, Psyclops is so much better than Cyclops and I’m really proud of this one.


So there you have it. The X-Men edition of Fan Art Thursday.

Other Things

Do you have any Fan Art you want us to share? Maybe you want us to critique it (or praise it)? Maybe you don’t have any art skills yourself, but have always wanted to see something get made? Well, submit your ideas or creations here and maybe it will get featured on a Days of Future Past installment of Fan Art Thursday!